Bachelor of Science in Applied Science

Who knows what the world will look like in five, ten, or twenty years? Your degree in Applied Science gives you a high degree of flexibility to adapt to change and position yourself for success.

It might be the next great advancement opportunity. A new technology or innovation. Changes in the family farming operation or new environmental challenges. Or simply a desire to change course in your career path.

You'll be prepared. Because your Applied Science degree is all about leveraging your individual interests and talents - and applying them to your career. That ensures that your college education has done what you want it to do and puts you in charge or your future opportunities like never before.

Applied Science is one of the most flexible majors on campus. You'll choose more than 50% of the courses you'll take to graduate from a broad range of courses across the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. You can tailor the degree to your career goals, and easily incorporate a minor without taking extra time to graduate.

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Four Degree Concentration Areas

After completing the core and required courses, students select two or three courses
in each of the following four elective areas for a bachelor's degree

Food, Animal, and Plant Science

15 credit hours from:
Agricultural Sciences (AGRI)
Agronomy (AGRO)
Animal Science (ASCI)
Biological Sciences (BIOS)
Food Science and Technology (FDST)
Mechanized Systems Management (MSYM)
Natural Resources (NRES)

Current and Emerging Technologies

Agricultural Sciences (AGRI) 115: Biotechnology: Food, Health and Environment

6 hours form:
Agronomy (AGRO)
Animal Science (ASCI)
Biological Sciences (BIOS)
Food Science and Technology (FDST)
Life Sciences (LIFE)
Mechanized Systems Management (MSYM)
Natural Resources (NRES)
Plant Pathology (PLPT)

Ecosystems Science and Management

9 hours from:
Agronomy (AGRO)
Biological Sciences (BIOS)
Environmental Studies (ENVR)
Energy Science (ENSC)
Natural Resources (NRES)

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Economics

12 hours from:
Accounting (ACCT)
Agricultural Economics (AECN)
Agricultural Leadership Education & Communications (ALEC)
Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program (EAEP)
Economics (ECON)
Entrepreneurship (ENTR)
Finance (FINA)
Management (MNGT)
Marketing (MRKT)

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