Online Bachelor's Degree Completion

The Online Bachelor's Degree Completion Program in the Applied Science degree program you'll select from a broad range of courses across the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in addition to the credits you've already earned to tailor a degree to your career goals. On the curriculum page, the courses with an asterisk (*) are offered online. Degree details:
  • Students complete a total of 120 total credit hours of course work, including transfer credits from eligible institutions.
  • 30 credit hours must be in courses numbered 200 and above, and a minimum of 15 hours must be completed at the 300 level or above.
  • After completing the core and required courses, students select courses in four concentration areas:
  • The Applied Science major also includes 18-20 credit hours of free electives - students can choose any course in the university to further their career goals, enrich their personal interests, or use already earned credits that don't satisfy degree requirements.
What are our graduates doing? Online Admission Information to be admitted to the online degree completion option of the Applied Science degree, we recommend you have the following foundational math and science courses on your transcript(s):
  • 5 credit hours of math above college algebra
  • 2 semesters general chemistry
  • 1 semester biology with laboratory
  • 1 semester of physics
If you do not have these courses, we can work with you to find appropriate courses to complete the requirements that will allow you to be accepted into the Applied Science online degree completion option. Course equivalents have been identified between University and most Nebraska post-secondary institutions. Here's a list of Accepted Transfer Credits. There are 2 steps to the pre-admission evaluation:
  • Fill out this form. The information you send is for our use only, and will not be forwarded or sold in any way. 
  • Apply for admission to the University of Nebraska and upload your transcripts.
When we have received the form, your application and your transcripts, they will be evaluated, and we will contact you to discuss your options for the online degree completion program. Questions? contact Dan Cotton or Diane Wasser