Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Degree Completion FAQs

Q: What sort of teacher/student interactions are there in these courses?
A: It varies from course to course - most of the distance delivered courses are taught on the Canvas system. Tools used include narrated Powerpoint lectures, discussion boards, blogs, webinars, group projects, etc. And of course, the professor is always available via email.

Q: Are there online lectures in the courses, or is it mainly reading course content and referring to textbooks?
A: Most distance courses involve all of that, plus additional activities such as writing term papers, writing essays, or responding to questions posed on discussion boards.

Q: Can an internship count as course credits?
A: Yes.

Q: Are the tests proctored? And if so, who can serve as a proctor and who approves the proctor?
A: Some tests are proctored and some are online. Proctors are members of your community who can be depended upon to provide adequate supervision, such as teachers, law enforcement officers, governmental administrators, clergy, etc. Dr. Danielson approves the proctors.

Q: Where can I take the prerequisites to get into this program?
A: Most accredited four year colleges, community colleges, and universities offer courses that would be accepted as prerequisites for this program and as transfer credits into the University of Nebraska.

If you are transferring credits from a Nebraska community college, search the University's course equivalency list.

Q: Are there labs involved in the courses? And if so, where do I buy the lab materials?
A: Some courses do have lab activities associated with them. The materials are available through the instructor or his/her department.

Q: Where do I buy the textbooks/handbooks for the courses?
A: Books are available through the university bookstore or from various online booksellers.

Q: Do I get to attend a UNL graduation?
A: Yes!
Q: By enrolling into this program, am I eligible for discounts that on-campus students receive (like purchasing software at a UNL computer store)?
A: Yes.

Q: When do students know that they are able to enroll in their courses each semester?
A: College administrative staff and/or academic advisors will inform them about enrollment procedures including dates or times that are important.

Q: Is there a list of courses which I would be taking in this program that I can view?
A: Yes - view the list of Applied Science core curriculum courses.

Q: What wording will appear on my diploma?
A: You will receive a diploma for a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Click to apply.

Q: How much is tuition?
A: View the Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science Tuition & Fees and the Bachelor of Science in Applied Science (Online Completion) Tuition & Fees.