About Applied Science

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Who knows what the world will look like in five, ten or twenty years. It may bring new advancement opportunities, emerging technology, changes to the family farming operation or new environmental challenges. Whether you're broadening your options or simply changing course in your career path, with a degree in Applied Science, you'll be prepared. Applied Science options give you the flexibility to adapt, change and position yourself for success. The program is designed to leverage your individual interests and talents and apply them to your career.

Academic Programs

I like that it's diversified and I can take classes that interest me. It's also easier to get a minor in whatever I want without having to invest additional time in college.

Applied Science Student in Central City, Nebraska

Why choose the Applied Science program?

  • You're not quite sure of what you want to focus on but know that you want to be engaged in food production, agriculture, or agribusiness.
  • You want a well-rounded education that broadens your choices and opportunities in the workforce.
  • You want the flexibility to craft your own college experience without worrying about taking courses that interest you, but don't apply to your major.
  • You like to have greater control over your college experience and your personal preparation for what lies ahead of you.
  • You want to have a diversified background that provides a wide range of career options in a rapidly changing job market including starting your own business.

Why choose the Applied Science Online completion program

  • You are currently employed and want to complete your bachelors degree with a high degree of flexibility and convenience.
  • You have been away from college for a while and want to get a degree that matches your current career path or enables you to change careers.
  • You are completing a two-year degree at a community college and are looking to obtain a bachelors degree that is both personalized and flexible.
  • You want to gain skills that will help you succeed back home in the family farm, ranch, or business.

Bachelor's Degree Concentration Areas

After completing the core and required courses, students select two or three courses
in each of the following four elective areas for a bachelor's degree

Food, Animal, and Plant Science
Current and Emerging Technologies
Ecosystems Science and Management
Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Economics

Master's Degree Areas of Study

Specializations are offered in Community Development, Science for Educators and Beef Cattle Production.

Agricultural & Extension Education
Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness
Agronomy and Horticulture
Animal Science
Food Science and Technology
Natural Resources