Online & Distance Courses Offered by the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR)

Agribusiness (ABUS)

ABUS 388 Business Systems in Entrepreneurship 

ABUS 488/888 Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development 


Agricultural Economics (AECN)

AECN 100 Career Orientation ( 1 credit taken first semester at UNL) 

AECN 141 Into to the Economics of Agriculture 

AECN 235 Intro to Commodity Marketing

AECN 256 Legal Aspects in Agriculture

AECN 275 Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Finance 

AECN 301 Farm Accounting, Analysis & Tax Management

AECN 325 Marketing of Agricultural Commodities

AECN 357 Natural Resource & Environmental Law

AECN 388 Agribusiness Entrepreneurship 

AECN 472 Ag Marketing & Production Development 

AECN 896 Special Topics 


Agriculture (AGRI)

AGRI 42 International/production Development Experience

AGRI 115 Biotechnology: Food, Health, Environment

AGRI 282 Into to Global Ag & Natural Resources 

AGRI 828 Scientific Illustration

AGRI 896 Independent Study 

AGRI 897 Masters:  Applied Science Project


Agronomy (AGRO)

AGRO 100 Plant, Landscapes, & the Environment

AGRO 107 Invasive Plants: Impact on Environments

AGRO 131 Plant Science

AGRO 134 Plant Sciences Lab

AGRO 153 Soil Resources

AGRO 215 Genetics

AGRO 275 Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Finance

AGRO 361 Soils Environment & Water 

AGRO 388 Business Systems in Entrepreneurship

AGRO 409A/809A Dis. Resistance Breeding: Phythora in Soybean Case Studies

AGRO 409B/809B Dis. Res. Breeding: Transgenic Strategies 

AGRO 411/811 Crop Genetic Engineering

AGRO 412/812 Crop & Weed Genetics

AGRO 414/814 Turfgrass Disease

AGRO 480/880 Modified Rootzones

AGRO 488/888 Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development

AGRO 496 Independent Study

AGRO 815A Self Pollinated Crop Breeding, Germplasm & Genes and Cross Pollinated Crop Breeding

AGRO 815D Cross-pollinated Crop Breeding

AGRO 816A Heterosis

AGRO 816B Haploids and Doubled Haploids in Plant Breeding

AGRO 816E Genotype Environment Interaction 

AGRO 817 Plant Pathology - Principles & Application

AGRO 821 Learning Biotechnol

AGRO 822 Integrated Weed Mgt

AGRO 824 Plant Nutrition

AGRO 828 Scientific Illustration

AGRO 831 Spatial Variability

AGRO 835 Agroecology

AGRO 388 Agribusiness Entrepreneurship 

AGRO 846 Forage Quality & Evaluation

AGRO 851 Grassland Plant Id

AGRO 880 Modified Rootzones

AGRO 894 Grad Degree Proj Cr

AGRO 896 Independent Study 

AGRO 897 Masters: App Sci Proj

AGRO 899 Masters Thesis 

AGRO 906 Crop Growth & Yield

AGRO 991 Smnr Presentation & Eval


Agricultural Leadership, Education and Community (ALEC)

ALEC 102 Interpersonal Skills for Leadership 

ALEC 103 Computer-Aided Drafting

ALEC 108 Food in Society 

ALEC 125 Land, Food and People

ALEC 202 Foundations of Leadership Theory & Practice 

ALEC 302 Dynamics of Effective Leadership in Organizations 

ALEC 308 Laboratory Instruction & Management 

ALEC 337 Instructional Internship in Leadership Development

ALEC 388 Agribusiness Entrepreneurship 

ALEC 407/807 Supervisory Leadership 

ALEC 410/810 Environmental Leadership 

ALEC 414/814 Classic Figures in Leadership 

ALEC 431 Student Teaching 

ALEC 477/877 Leadership & Motivation 

ALEC 495A Internship in Leadership Development 

ALEC 495B Internship in Ag & Environmental Sciences Communication 

ALEC 800 Overview of Program Planning

ALEC 801 Theoretical Foundations of Leadership

ALEC 804 Problems of Beginning Agriscience Teachers

ALEC 830 Intl Dev. Distance Education

ALEC 888 Leadership Power & Influence 

ALEC 893 Technical Agricultural Workshop 

ALEC 896 Independent Study in Leadership Education 

ALEC 897 Special topics 

ALEC 899 Masters Thesis

ALEC 903 Teacher Education in Agriscience 

ALEC 908 Organization of the Agricultural Mechanics Program

ALEC 913 Program Development in Occupational Education 


Animal Science (ASCI)

ASCI 210 Animal Products

ASCI 213 Meat Specifications & Procurement 

ASCI 240 Anatomy & Physiology of Domestic Animals

ASCI 260 Basic Equitation 

ASCI 271 Companion Animal Behavior

ASCI 310 Fresh Meats

ASCI 321 Companion Animal Nutrition

ASCI 322 Equine Nutrition

ASCI 342 Equine Reproduction

ASCI 343 Meat Culinology Tmill:  Foodservice Applications

ASCI 370 Animal Welfare

ASCI 410/810 Processed Meats

ASCI 411 HACCP & Food Safety Systems for the Food Industry

ASCI 421 /821 Advanced Animal Nutrition

ASCI 806 Animal Sci Grad Smnr

ASCI 820 Feedlot Nutr & Mgt

ASCI 822 Advanced Feeding and Feed Formulation

ASCI 824 Forage Quality & Evaluation

ASCI 899 Masters Thesis


Biochemistry (BIOC)

BIOC 321 Elements of Biochemistry

BIOC  439 Dynamics of Biochemical and Biological Networks


Biological Systems Engineering (BSEN)

BSEN 206 Engineering Economics 


Community Development (CDEV) courses offered through GPIDEA*:

CDEV 814* Community & Regional Economic Analysis 

CDEV 834* Community Engagement for Civic Change

CDEV 894* Practicum/Creative Component in Community Development - Capstone Project


CDEV 816 Nebraska Rural Government Law Fundamentals

CDEV/ALEC 818 Community Engagement 

CDEV 819 Community Action Strategy

CDEV 825 Sustainable Economic Development

CDEV 826 Fundamentals of Business Analysis

CDEV 827 Community Workforce Development


Entomology (ENTO)

ENTO 115 Insect Biology

ENTO 401/801 Insect Physiology 

ENTO 403/803 Management of Horticultural Crop Insects 

ENTO 406 Insect Ecology

ENTO 409/809 Ins. Ctrl Host Resistance 

ENTO 412/812 Entomology and Pest Management

ENTO 414/814 Forensic Entomology

ENTO 416/816 Forensic Insect Succession

ENTO 415/815 Medical Entomology 

ENTO 486/896 Independent Study in Entomology 

ENTO 805 Intro to Entomology 

ENTO 810 Insects as Education


ENTO 815A Self Pollinated Crop Breeding, Germplasm & Genes and Cross Pollinated Crop Breeding

ENTO 815B Germplasm and Genes 

ENTO 818 Insect Identification and Natural History

ENTO 819 Insect Behavior 

ENTO 820 Insecticide Toxicology

ENTO 825 Mngt. Of Agro Insects 

ENTO 828 Scientific Illustration

ENTO 830 Introduction to the Development of Distance Education Courses 

ENTO 837 lpm In Sensitive Environments

ENTO 888 MS Degree Project

ENTO 915 Presentation Methods


Entrepreneurship (ENTR)

ENTR 275 Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Finance

ENTR 388 Business Systems in Entrepreneurship 

ENTR 488/888 Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development 


Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program (EAEP)

EAEP 275 Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Finance 

EAEP 388 Business Systems in Entrepreneurship

EAEP 488/888 Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development 


Food Science and Technology (FDST)

FDST 131 The Science of Food

FDST 301 Chemistry of Food

FDST 801 Teaching Application


Forensic Science (FORS)

FORS 302 Principles of Forensic Photo

FORS 306 Crime Scene Management 

FORS 307 Forensic DNA for CSI

FORS 403/803 Advance Forensic Photo

FORS 404/804 Bloodstains Evidence 

FORS 414/814 Forensic Entomology


Horticulture (HORT)

HORT 100 Plant, Landscapes, & the Environment

HORT 131 Plant Science

HORT 134 Plant Science Lab

HOR 153 Soil Resources

HORT 214 Herbaceous Landscape Plants 

HORT 215 Genetics 

HORT 261 Floral Design (blended course)

HORT 306 Greenhouse Practices & Management (blended course)

HORT 307 Hydroponics for Growing Populations

HORT 388 Business Systems in Entrepreneurship 

HORT 409A/809A Dis. Resistance Breeding: Phythora in Soybean Case Studies

HORT 414/814 Turfgrass Disease 

HORT 480/880 Modified Rootzones

HORT 488-888 Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development 

HORT 896 Independent Study 

HORT 899 Masters Thesis 


Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management (HRTM)

HPTM 280 Introduction to Tourism 


Mechanized Systems Management (MSYM)

MSYM 109 Physical Principles of Agriculture & Life Sciences

MSYM 206 Engineering Economics

MSYM 212A Computational Tools & Modeling for Ag & Biological Systems Eng: MATLAB


Natural Resources (NRES)

NRES 107 Invasive Plant Species: Impacts on Ecosystems

NRES 108 Earth's Natural Resource Systems Lab

NRES 130 People Of Great Plains

NRES 319 Fundamentals of Environment Sampling 

NRES 357 Natural Resource Systems 

NRES 361 Soils Environment & Water Quality

NRES 402/802 Aquatic Insects

NRES 422/822 Laboratory Earth:  Earth's Changing Systems

NRES 803 Ecological Stats 

NRES 809 Laboratory Earth:  Earth and Its Systems 

NRES 814 Natural Resource Systems

NRES 830 Laboratory Earth:  Climate Research Applications

NRES 832 Laboratory Earth:  Human Dimensions of Climate Change 


Plant Pathology (PLPT)

PLPT 414 / 814 Turfgrass Disease

PLPT 496 Independent Study 

PLPT 817 Plant Pathology - Principles & Application


Statistics (STAT)

STAT 218 Introduction to Statistics 


Soil Science (SOIL)

SOIL 153 Soil Resources

SOIL 361 Soils Environment & Water Quality 


Turfgrass and Landscape Management (TLMT)

TLMT 100 Plants, Landscapes & Environment

TLMT 327 Turfgrass Science & Management 

TLMT 414/814 Turfgrass Disease

TLMT 480/880 Modified Rootzones


Water Science (WATS)

WATS 361 Soils Environment & Water Quality